Agile Human Resources: Training & Workshop


Since more than a decade agile has changed the rule of the game of work by revealing the creativity nature of people for the common wealth of the organisation.

The concept of work has completely evolved since to something more transversal, more organic placing people to the centre of this new system.

Agile is neither a methodology nor a process, it’s a mindset, a culture.

So far corporate culture is in the hands of Human Resources, it’s time to « hack » the old way of doing things.

what will you learn? :

let’s talk about agile!

  • the concept and hiding values
  • working in fast evolving world
  • sense making culture

why change?

  • old way, new way and evolution
  • systemics
  • No management!
  • from Leadership to Servant Leadership
  • coaches and mentors

the points for Agile Human Resources?

  • what is Human Resources in an agile world?
  • influence of agile works in traditional environment
  • what is different in agile according traditional work environment?
  • building conditions for Agile work
  • adaptation of different HR and Leader’s instruments in agile workspace

dare for motivation

  • what is your higher purpose?
  • measuring autonomy?
  • target mastery
  • binding the three
  • moving motivators


Agile organisation directions through « Beyond Budgeting »

  • leadership actions
  • governance and transparency
  • accountable teams
  • Aligning management processes with leadership actions
  • planning & controls
  • resource management
  • goals and rewards

Designing the organisation into small high performance teams

Fearless change

In this workshop you will learn by doing, exploring by playing and experiment agility.

More details?

Attention: this not a fixed scope approach and the « menu » will be adapted to your culture and improved all along.


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