An agile approach to the traditional performance review

An interesting way of handling traditional performance reviews in transitioning to agile.

Matt Philip's blog

How do you fix a broken legacy performance review system that gives people feedback only once a year and is directly tied to compensation? That is a challenge that we at Asynchrony undertook recently with the guidance of modern social science and — as you might expect from an organization infused with agile thinking — with agile principles.
First, the situation: We’ve tried to make the best of a traditional annual review system over the years, but we’ve come to the end of our our rope. We realize it’s not working. That’s because of these dysfunctions:
  • Feedback is delayed (it “officially” happens only annually).
  • Feedback is impersonal (given anonymously through an electronic tool) and provided by people who may not have worked with you for months.
  • Reviews are given by managers who are forced to infer from and translate written feedback from others out of context.
  • The compensation adjustment is tied…

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