Agile Coaching/Mentoring response given to a fellow coach…


Sometimes, I like to support my foreign colleagues or members from the agile community in their questioning.

Here a small overview of today’s:

I just wanted to learn some points in terms of People coaching – Methodologies involved, science involved, Neuro related things etc.,

currently am in a Large scale SAFe Based Transformation – where in i
—Help teams to transform in to an Agile Mode.
—By being a Mentor – when new teams are formed – hold their hands for 3 sprints or so and come back after the 5th Sprint.
—-Participate in various Agile Ceremonies – much enhanced facilitation is reqd as my teams may contain – Freshers from College and exp level from 1 to 8 yrs…..
—– Collect metrics on a weekly Basis – see how the Agile Metrics are reflecting….Identification of the best Agile Metrics which the enterprise wants and so.
—- conduct Monthly Training classes for 2 full days for new Joineer in this Programe.
—- Consult, Coach – Senior Management on Agile Initiatives , and how to roll our Continuous Plans….

what i would need some suggestions is :
1. In the above areas where and all can i improve?
2. in what ways?
3. is there a predefined Framework which you use?
4. is there any patterns/Framework’s in coaching?

Please hit back when u get time…




Sorry for the delay, I spend a few weeks of holidays but I’m back in the business by now.

I will try to answer properly to your questions. So here I am :

  1. In the above areas where and all can i improve?

    All and none would be the best answer. All means that all these areas should be improved because « improvement should be permanent ». None because it’s quite unpossible to face everything in the meantime. Suggestion from my experience (my dogfood) : I have a personal Kanban where I track my work and I priotize it according the value I can deliver to the organization I attend to help. Since this morning, I’ve been introducing 4 new metrics in this kanban : people, measures, organization and method (in that order). This to help me to focus on what should give the most sense.

  2. in what ways? 

    Another trick that I like to use is SHU, HA, RI. SHU : follow the method. HA : improve the method. RI : do what ever. Here I use this technique : 1. Train people on both Scrum and Kanban (ie XP). 2. Set up and follow the process « by the book ». 3. Reach agility. To improve, you need to have something to be improved. In the SHU level you improve the general knowledge. At HA, you improve the variation on the method. RI : people are self aware and are free to improve themselves.

  3. is there a predefined Framework which you use?

    Hmm. I tried several without any passion but my background is deeply infected by Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing so I follow mostly a kaizen « framework » because is close to my nature. In the meantime, I grab a lot of ideas in Change Management like 7S, ADKAR or Fearless Change (for the patterns).

  4. is there any patterns/Framework’s in coaching? 

    There are several coaching approaches that can find at Internal Coaching Federation (ICF) or Spiral Dynamics or Process Communication. But to be honest, I’m not fan of this. I just can forward to you some inspiration lectures that helped me : Fearless Change, Getting the Right Thing Done, The Iceberg is melting, The Phoenix Project, Coaching Agile Teams. In Europe, I have a team of 14 Agile coaches are we have the crasy idea to write our own book on Agile Coaching including patterns, frameworks, processes and patterns that we are using. But that’s for the coming year.

Did you find some relevant information in my comments ? Let me know how I can help you further.


Kind regards




NB: If you want to add your comments feel free to challenge it. .)


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