How my Career path evolves to Space Cake

I recently joined a consulting company…. Let’s be honest they hired me with the challenging purpose of being an agile consulting company. During our discussion, I said « hmm, you know I’m special… »,  » I’m not diplomatic… I don’t believe in magic… I love to be unconventional … And I’m more a sports coach than a low tech psychologist ».
Damned they say come!

One our my first action was to laud the agile coaches community of practices. These community includes 14 agile coaches with a lot of background and that excites me a lot.

I missed to say that our corporate culture provides Shu Ha Ri where
– SHU means junior
– HA Means senior
– and RI means master

This is nice. This also what everybody says either in the agile community or lean community. I don’t want to be like this.

So, in a brainstorming session on dogwood, I came with the bloody idea than been a RI (master) sounds a bit stupid because I have karate kid movie in my brain and I think that’s deserves Japanese martial art culture because of agile. Now the challenge was to find a new brand for the RIs and I found



The maturity matrix of our agile coaches is HAco (junior coaches), RIco (senior coaches) and Space Cakes (SCos).

why space cacke?

A space cake is someone who masters all the techniques and exploded in the space and comes out with inspiring new stuff. And to be honest, people can think that these guys are under drug dependency.

So by now, I’m quite happy to be a Space Cake. Will you join our monthly cooking sessions?





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